Additive Manufacturing

Leads: Greg Colvin

Current DoD Sustainment and DMSMS obsolescence support requirements are becoming more complex and challenging due to aging of and extended life requirements for military weapons systems. Metals Additive Manufacturing processes including LPBF, DED and other laser powder bed systems are poised to significantly improve DoD’s supply of difficult to obtain (DMSMS) hardware especially for sustainment and R/O situations. However, these technologies still have challenges to overcome to become common place means of part production. In summary, this session will help the DoD and industry practitioner search for DMSMS and sustainment solutions and select which of these AM technologies may be suitable to help support their particular system and applications.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Current “State of the Art” for AM process methodologies and technologies relative to supporting DMSMS
  • Case studies showcasing how AM helped provide an obsolescence decision
  • New AM technologies under development that might help support DMSMS requirements
  • Discussion of potential challenges in leveraging AM for obsolete parts and how those roadblocks may be overcome

Critical Deadlines

Abstract Submission Aug 31
Abstract Notification late Dec
Final Presentation Submitted Feb 14