Intellectual Property Rights and Technical Data Management

Leads: Sebastian Ventrone and Tina Patterson

Intellectual property (IP) rights and technical data management (TDM) encompass the technical information known about items in a platform/system and the rights with respect to how that information may be used. The technical data and associated IP rights for a system can pertain to the functional blocks that make up the system, the product specifications, the description of the test bed to validate the system, and any reports on the reliability and functionality of the system among other things. This track invites a set of abstracts that define issues and provide solutions for managing technical data and adhering to IP rights when performing DMSMS and parts management functions throughout the system life cycle.

Abstracts are sought in three broad areas:

  • How IP rights/TDM affects architecture and DMSMS resilience
  • How does the Architecture and technical data with corresponding IP rights get captured and controlled
  • How IP rights/TDM impacts parts selection
  • How the DMSMS community should contribute to the system’s IP Strategy
  • Best practices for putting technical data requirements, including technical data use rights, on contract
  • IP rights and technical data considerations for including COTS assemblies in the design
  • Considerations for using predictive tools with BOMs with limited data rights
  • IP rights and technical data considerations for conducting vendor surveys
  • Keeping BOMs, other tech data, and IP rights current over a lengthy operational life cycle
  • IP rights concerns in creating a BOM through disassembly (hardware vs software)
  • IP rights considerations in BOM creation
  • IP rights consideration in emulation
  • IP rights considerations for reverse engineering
  • IP rights considerations for using new sources
  • IP rights considerations in re-qualification and re-certification

Critical Deadlines

Abstract Submission Aug 31
Abstract Notification late Dec
Final Presentation Submitted Feb 14