Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)

Leads: Joe Mueller, Kevin Geoghegan, and Michelle Trotto

Supply chain risk management is the process for managing risk through the identification, assessment, and mitigation of threats, vulnerabilities, and disruptions to the DoD supply chain throughout the lifecycle of a system, to ensure mission effectiveness. Recent events (COVID-19) and changes to U.S.G. policy regarding foreign sources of supply and ownership of technologies critical to national defense has introduced additional complexity and challenges in managing DMSMS. This track will provide the audience with an array of Supply Chain Risk Management topics.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Understanding the Implications of U.S.G. Policy and Guidance
    • What DoD polices apply to Supply Chain Risk Management?
    • Addressing program impacts to recent policy changes
    • Legislative changes on the horizon affecting the supply chain
  • Processes and Tools in Assessing Supply Chain Risks
    • What tools and processes are available to identify, assess, and mitigate threats, vulnerabilities, and disruptions to the DoD Supply Chain?
    • Effective supply chain risk management plans
  • Supply Chain Awareness
    • Best practices to navigate the layers of a program supply chain
    • Assessing second and third tier suppliers
    • Supply chain awareness over the entire lifecycle
  • Supply Chain Assured Access, Resiliency and Interruptions
    • Natural Disaster Preparedness – Pandemics, extreme weather, earthquakes, and other natural disasters
    • Market forces on supply chain risk—Mergers, Acquisitions, Financial Solvency, and foreign influence
    • Understanding supply chain sensitivity to labor strikes, geopolitical instability, and nation-state actors
    • Supply Chain impacts due to reduced access to strategic technologies, supplier, and raw materials
  • Supply Chain Risk Management Methods and Applications
    • Digital Engineering
    • Application of Blockchain
    • Other Digital Methods, such as supply chain mapping and supply chain illumination

Critical Deadlines

Abstract Submission Aug 31
Abstract Notification late Dec
Final Presentation Submitted Feb 14