Leads: Jason Voeltz and Jason Mokbel

DMSMS issue is the loss, or impending loss, of manufacturers or suppliers of items, raw materials, or software. The Department of Defense (DoD) loses a manufacturer or supplier when that manufacturer or supplier discontinues production and/or support of needed items, raw materials, or software or when the supply of raw material is no longer available. While traditionally thought of as applying to electronic items, it is important to be cognizant that a DMSMS issue can arise regarding any item within a system, including software and non-electronic components—materials and structural, mechanical, and electrical (MaSME) items.

This track will discuss best practices and strategic activities in the areas of DMSMS. Candidate abstracts should seek to equip the audience with techniques that can be applied in their organization to improve their proficiency and capabilities.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to the following:

DMSMS Best Practices

  • Policy, Planning, Program Infrastructure and Implementation
  • Data Sharing and Commonality
  • Developing or improving workforce competencies
  • Resolution Determination and Implementation
  • Managing Software Obsolescence
  • Parts Research, Monitoring, and Surveillance
  • Contract Language
  • Programming and Budgeting
  • Incentives for Government and Industry
  • Collaboration between Government and Industry
  • The use of metrics to monitor and improve performance

DMSMS Strategic Management

  • Designing in DMSMS resilience
  • Planning for repair
  • Technology Refresh planning and development
  • Technology Roadmaps
  • Predictive Analytics

Critical Deadlines

Abstract Submission Aug 31
Abstract Notification late Dec
Final Presentation Submitted Feb 14