Parts Management

Leads: David Greinke, Willie Brown, and Alfonso Rivera

Today’s acquisition environment is characterized by rapid design evolution and accelerated acquisition timelines, increased use of commercial parts, offshore manufacturing of parts, DMSMS issues, counterfeit parts in the supply chain and the use of lead-free electronic parts and other environmental considerations. Parts Management focuses on selecting the best parts in the design phase of an acquisition program and is fundamental to achieving many systems engineering and manufacturing objectives, it influences cost, schedule, and performance, and impacts acquisition technical reviews. The need for DoD and Industry to have an effective parts management programs is greater than ever before.

This track will provide a forum to discuss processes, methods, best practices, lessons learned, case studies, and success stories related to Parts Management concepts. Presentations are welcomed from any individual or group with experience using parts management and systems engineering concepts to ensure long-term system supportability.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Parts Management Requirements, Procedures, Standards
  • Parts Management Issues and Challenges
  • Development of Parts Management Plans
  • Synergy of Systems Engineering and Parts Management
  • Role of Parts Management in Design
  • Parts Management Success Stories and Lessons Learned
  • Use of Non-Military grade alternative parts in Military applications
  • Coordination of Parts Management Issues within or between Services or Agencies
  • Innovative Parts Management Practices
  • Benefits of Parts Management
  • Obsolescence Management as an Element of Parts Management
  • Automated Tools, Processes, and Resources Supporting Parts Management
  • DoD-Industry Partnerships for Parts Management (Electrical and/or Mechanical)
    • Integrated Product Team Operations
    • Parts Management Review Boards
  • Industry/Commercial Parts Management Programs/Systems
  • Parts Management with Coalition Partners
  • Parts Management Metrics
  • Implementation (or Verification) of Parts, Materials and Processes (PM&P) requirements when Integrating COTS Electronic Assemblies

Critical Deadlines

Abstract Submission Aug 31
Abstract Notification late Dec
Final Presentation Submitted Feb 14